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These are Gorgeous – Wayne Lawrence

One of the reasons that I love these photographs is that the subjects are so present. Trust is palpable in these pictures; these folks know that Wayne Lawrence has good intentions. I would shoot at Orchard Beach too. People are at leisure – relaxed and open. They’re half naked, unguarded, but in public! Tension between the private and the public makes these photographs so good. His gorgeous subjects don’t hurt either.
These photographs appeared on Sunday in the New York Times (“Sand, Skin and Community,” NYT, July 29, 2012). Thanks for supporting good photography NYTs!! (Did you know you can subscribe to a digital edition of the NYTs that looks great on an iPad? Your subscription supports great journalism and photography).

Inspired by Mr. Lawrence, here are a few of my own photographs of bathers enjoying Cayuga Lake. I shot these last summer, 2011. I haven’t been back to continue the project. I’m tempted to change that in August.

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Feels Like the First Time

In honor of a new website under my own domain name, I’m re-launching my blog.

What follows is a re-post of something I wrote for the Ithaca League of Women Rollers website about

two years ago.  Perhaps, this group of women has skated the circumference of the globe in the time

that I’ve been photographing them — countless hours I’ve watched them skate around and around the track…

And the pictures?  They’ve improved as much as the skating!



I walked into a SufferJets practice session for the first time last August, 2009.  I had just finished a photography workshop and was anxious to find a project in which I could absorb myself photographically.  I love to document…life and people.  I love public events and activities in which people let loose.  When the Ithaca Journal wrote about the SufferJet team in May, 2008, I cut the article out of the paper and stuffed it into my “ideas” file.  I wanted to drive straight to the rink, but I didn’t.  I didn’t feel ready.  And it wasn’t until more than a year later (after the workshop, after a small photo exhibit at Gimme! Coffee, after I wondered to myself “What are you waiting for?”) that I worked up the courage to walk into the rink.  This is the very first photo I took.  There have been hundreds more since then.





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