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Honorable Mention

It is thrilling that my image was selected for the Light Work 2013 Student Invitational Exhibition and was awarded an Honorable Mention.  Light Work is an internationally important and influential center for photographic arts. Its location in Syracuse, right on the Syracuse University campus, is one of the primary reasons that I applied to Syracuse’s art photography program.

Click here,  Light Work, for information about the exhibition.

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Dog Duet

Hold in your mind the title Dog Duet when you watch this early black and white art video by William Wegman and his longtime collaborator Man Ray.  In my opinion, Dog Duet (also sometimes titled Two Dogs ) is a superior and more evocative title than the one that introduces this online version of the piece…maybe you should close your eyes so you don’t see it!

(The dog in a supporting role is played by a German Shorthair Pointer — the breed of which I am certain my own sweet mutt Olive is 50% composed.)

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