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The little thrill

You know you do it; you Google yourself. I did recently and had the little thrill of seeing my work show up in unexpected places. Like HERE and HERE.  

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Fantasy Food Fotography


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Mother’s Day

    I haven’t shot a family video in years but took the time on Mother’s Day to make this short piece. Click Here for Mother’s Day Video                

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Honorable Mention

It is thrilling that my image was selected for the Light Work 2013 Student Invitational Exhibition and was awarded an Honorable Mention.  Light Work is an internationally important and influential center for photographic arts. Its location in Syracuse, right on the Syracuse University campus, is one of the primary reasons that I applied to Syracuse’s […]

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Dog Duet

Hold in your mind the title Dog Duet when you watch this early black and white art video by William Wegman and his longtime collaborator Man Ray.  In my opinion, Dog Duet (also sometimes titled Two Dogs ) is a superior and more evocative title than the one that introduces this online version of the piece…maybe you should close […]

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Reframing Photography

Reframing Photography, a website with exhaustive information on the theory and practice of art photography, now exhibits a selection of my work! Take a peek here. And, Happy New Year!

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A Murder of Crows

Some things to know about crows: * they mate for life * it would not be incorrect, and is far more poetic, to call a “flock” of crows a “murder” of crows. * crows form communal sleeping groups, or roosts, in the winter before breeding season begins * hundreds of crows often roost together; some […]

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Poets Landing…

Poets Landing is the name of a construction site in Dryden, NY where I’ve taken photographs this semester as a class assignment.  I have not researched the origin of this strange name. Perhaps the developer hopes for a writer-in-residence!  As the photographer-in-residence, I was trying to create portraits of labor — when worker/task/space all came […]

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My Favorite Libras

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Watch Where You’re Going!

This semester, I am taking the class Non-Traditional Modes in Art Photography, in which we examine the myriad possibilities of making and installing art outside commonly accepted venues (galleries and museums). It seems like it will be an interesting and socially oriented class. One of our first tasks was to read an excerpt of Outside […]

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